Introduction to Airport Security & Facilitation


According to Airports Council International [ACI], “Airport Facilitation consists of the efficient management of the flow of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail through the airport facilities, ensuring that services are delivered in a healthy, safe and secure environment, meeting and exceeding when possible the needs and expectations of customers.

As per the new legislation and safety norms, all establishments like Airports, shopping malls, banks and commercial establishments should have screening facilities. This has given rise to the urgent need of trained security personals. CIASL is expecting to utilize the training facility for stake holders working in the fields of security.  The training centre consist of six rooms viz two class rooms having LCD projectors and other training infrastructure, Computer Based Training room where 21 X-ray simulators are placed, Explosive model room displaying different types switch mechanism to trigger explosion, Library consisting of CDs on ICAO training modules, books on various Aviation Security subjects and other journals and literature on Aviation Security, well furnished Faculty room etc. For more information, 

nine international organizations/industries (ACAO, ASTC Toulouse, ASTC Tunis, DfT, ECAC, Interpol, TSA, UNHCR, and UNODC).
GMR Hyderabad International Airport Limited has a dedicated training facility for imparting Aviation Security related courses. It is accredited by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (Ministry of Civil Aviation) and equipped with state of the art equipment like X-BIS OTS Simulator.

The following courses on various aspects of Aviation Security and Baggage Screening are conducted at this AVSEC Training Centre:

1. X-ray Baggage (X-BIS) Screeners Course
2. Basic Aviation Security – STP /123
3. Basic AVSEC Refreshes Course
4. Theory and Practical course on In Line X-BIS
5. Aviation Security Awareness Program
6. AVSEC Cargo and Mail Security
7. Access Control / Guarding of Vital Installation
8. Dangerous Good Regulations
9. Airlines Security Functions

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